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Kruger National Park
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Introducing Kruger National Park

If you enjoy watching wildlife, this is arguably one of the greatest places on earth to do it. If you’re new to watching wildlife then you’ve chosen well. Kruger is one of the world’s most famed protected areas – known for its size, conservation history, wildlife diversity and ease of access. It’s a place where the drama of life and death plays out daily, with up-close, action-packed sightings of wildlife almost guaranteed. One morning you may spot lions feasting on a kill, and the next, a newborn impala struggling to take its first steps.

Perhaps one of Kruger’s most underrated features is its landscape. Wilderness – be it bushveld, woodland or grassland – surrounds you with numerous places, such as Olifants Rest Camp, providing the perfect opportunity to really drink it in. Appreciating the landscape is vital to successful wildlife spotting; the animals might not always be around but the views never change.