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Introducing Pretoria

South Africa’s administrative centre is a handsome city, with a number of number of gracious old houses in the city centre, large, leafy green suburbs, and wide streets that are lined with a purple haze of jacarandas in October and November.

It’s more of an Afrikaner city than Jo’burg, and its bars and restaurants are less cosmopolitan – sedate Pretoria was once at the heart of the apartheid regime, and its very name a symbol of oppression. Today it’s home to a growing number of black civil servants and foreign embassy workers, who are infusing the city with a new sense of multiculturalism.

Pretoria’s most impressive sights include the vast Herbert Baker-designed Union Buildings; Burgers Park, greenery in the city centre; the Transvaal Museum, South Africa’s premier natural history exhibition; the vast Voortrekker Monument; and Freedom Park, offering a more holistic approach to history.