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Introducing Saba

There once was a man and a woman who lived in a perfect garden. They were welcome in this idyllic thicket so long as they didn’t eat the fruit of one particular tree. You probably know the rest of the story, but what you didn’t know is that, although Adam and Eve ruined it for the rest of us, you can still have the chance to find your way back to Eden.

Paradise takes the form of a spiky volcano peak called Saba (pronounced say-bah) that pushes forth from the sea to pierce the lazy clouds above. It’s hard to believe that this breathtaking retreat is but a 15-minute flight from garish casinos and condominiums, especially since the island’s homogeneous white-green-brown architecture adds an extra sense of perfection to the naturally gifted enclave.

Just when you thought that nothing could be more beautiful than Saba’s jagged volcanic landscape, a trip below the ocean’s surface reveals a colorful kingdom of neon coral that teems with fat reef sharks, sea turtles and slippery fish. These dive sites rank amongst the top scuba spots in the world, and are fastidiously protected by the well-established national marine park.

While nearby islands have been snared by development conglomerates, Saba does its darnedest to fly under the radar. Locals are steadfast in their efforts to preserve their close-to-nature lifestyle, which will undoubtedly prolong the island’s status as the ultimate pristine getaway.