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Getting there & away

Transport options are comprehensively listed in Russian on transport.sibr.ru/.

Tomsk's Bogashevo Airport (270 084), 22km southeast, has flights to Moscow (R8500) most days on Siberian Airlines, plus some local regional services on Tomskavia (412 466; www.Tomskavia.ru, in Russian; ul Yelizarovkh). The choice is much wider from Novosibirsk's Tolmachyovo Airport, to which there are five direct buses a day (R180, five hours) from Tomsk bus station. Shared taxis (R500, 3½ hours) are much faster than buses (R260, 5½ hours, 20 daily) for Novosibirsk. For Kolorovo (R9, 35 minutes) take one of seven daily services towards Yarskoe, and from pl Yuzhny there are roughly hourly marshrutky.

From Tomsk I (main) train station there are daily services to Moscow's Yaroslavsky station (56½ hours). Train 37 leaves around 10am and is handy for Tyumen (22½ hours). For Omsk, the summer-only train 437 (R850, 15 hours, even days) is more convenient. Platskartny carriages run to Barnaul (R442, 14¾ hours) on even days and to Irkutsk (34 hours) via Krasnoyarsk (R420, 14½ hours) daily in summer, even days only in winter.