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Getting there & away




Heading west, apart from the No 1 Rossiya, which departs for Moscow (R8500, five days 10 hours) and Irkutsk (R5000, 60 hours) on even-numbered dates, there's also the daily No 43 service to Moscow (R5700, five days 17 hours) and Irkutsk (60 hours, R3350) and the No 7 to Novosibirsk (R4550, 91 hours). Heading east, Vladivostok is best reached on the daily train 6 Okean service (R1500, 13 hours).

Other daily services (all leaving in the evening) include train 226 to Tynda (R1351, 30 hours), and on to Neryungri; the No 67 and No 953 to Komsomolsk (R860, eight hours), the latter continuing to Sovetskaya Gavan and Port Vanino for the ferry across to Sakhalin; and the No 385 to Blagoveshchensk (R1090, 16 hours).

Buy tickets at the station or the quieter (and nearby) train ticket office (zheleznodorozhne-avia kassy; ul Leningradskaya 56V; 9.30am-7.20pm), where you'll pay a R60 booking fee.

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Boat & bus

From Khabarovsk's river station boats sail down the Amur to Fuyuan in northern China. Between May and October, hydrofoils run north on the Amur between Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-na-Amure (R446, six hours) and Nikolaevsk-na-Amure (R2332, 17 hours). You'll save money taking the night bus from here to Komsomolsk-na-Amure then, catching a boat up. At research time, boats left here at 7am. The pink river station(rechnoy vokzal) houses the boat ticket office(398 654; 8am-10pm).

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There are international flights to Harbin (US$170) and Guau (US$320) in China, Seoul (from US$300) in Korea, and Niigata (US$340) and (July to September) Aomori (US$340) in Japan. All international flights are subject to a R800 departure tax, usually included in ticket price.

The foreign airlines all have offices at the airport's international terminal (to the left of the new one). Intour-Khabarovsk(312 154; Hotel Intourist; 9am-8pm) books tickets, as does Transport Service Transit (291 692; ul Karl Marksa 76; 10am-2pm & 3-8pm), in the HK Citi Mall.

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