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Introducing Northern European Russia

Cold hands, warm heart? The idiom has never rung more true than in this land of polar winters and cliché-busting Russian hospitality, where those braving daunting long hauls and off-radar destinations are rewarded with a hearty reception by curious locals.

The realm that spawned the epic poetry of the Kalevala is home to a profound historical and scenic landscape that includes the iconic wooden architecture of Kizhi Island, the far-flung Solovetsky Islands’ imposing monastery/erstwhile Gulag camp, and the vast wilderness of the Kola Peninsula and the Barents Sea's frigid shore. The far north is also one of the best places to witness the eerily beautiful Northern Lights.

Whether you're here for the region’s short summer – perfect for fishing for prize salmon and frolicking beneath the midnight sun – or taking to the snow on husky sleds or skis, you will find Northern European Russia beguiling.