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Local Transport

Bus, Tram, Maxitaxi & Trolleybus

Romanian cities generally have very good public transport systems comprised of buses, trams, trolleybuses and, in some cases, maxitaxis. Bucharest is the only Romanian city with an underground metro. The method for accessing the systems is broadly similar. Purchase bus or tram tickets at newsagents or street kiosks marked bilete or casă de bilete before boarding, and validate the ticket once aboard. For maxitaxis, you usually buy a ticket directly from the driver. Tickets generally cost from 2 to 3 lei per ride.


  • Taxis are cheap and reliable and a useful supplement to the public transport systems. Drivers are required by law to post their rates on their doors or windscreens. The going rate varies from city to city, but during our research in 2012 was anywhere from 1.39 to 1.89 lei per kilometre. Any driver posting a higher fare is likely looking to rip off unsuspecting passengers.
  • While it's usually okay to use a taxi parked at a taxi rank (provided the taxi is not at Bucharest's airport or main train station) or to hail one from the street, we strongly recommend ordering taxis by phone from reputable companies or asking hotels or restaurants to order taxis for you. In Bucharest, try Cobalcescu, CrisTaxi or Meridian.