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El Yunque & East Coast
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Introducing El Yunque & East Coast

The east coast is Puerto Rico shrink-wrapped; a tantalizing taste of almost everything the island has to offer squeezed into an area you can drive across in a couple of hours. Sodden rainforest teems with noisy wildlife and jungle waterfalls at El Yunque National Forest, the commonwealth’s tropical gem. Down at sea level, beach-lovers bask on the icing-sugar sand of Playa Luquillo.

Golfers and those craving a one-stop holiday will find delight in the highest concentration of large, upscale resorts outside San Juan.

Unvarnished Fajardo is the island’s uncrowned water-sports capital, where adventurers kayak, dive, snorkel and fish, and yachters park their sailboats.

Cutting through the region like a thin, green ribbon is the Northeast Ecological Corridor, a slender tract of undeveloped and endangered pristine land featuring one of Puerto Rico’s stunning bioluminescent bays at Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserva Natural ‘El Faro.’