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Introducing Silesia

Occupying the whole of southwestern Poland, Silesia, or Śląsk (pronounced ‘shlonsk’) in Polish, is a diverse collection of attractive cities, industrial centres and mountain scenery.

Wrocław is a historical gem and well worth a visit, while attractive smaller centres such as Nysa and Jelenia Góra offer distinctive sights and activities. A natural attraction is presented by the Sudetes Mountains, stretching along the Czech border and home to scenic beauty and idyllic resort towns – popular with hikers, bikers and spa fans alike.

The rich history of the region underpins its charm, with architecture ranging from medieval fortresses to Baroque cathedrals. Silesia also contains the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp complex set up by Nazi Germany, now a grim but moving memorial.

From tumultuous history to modern-day cities and countryside, Silesia affords plenty of opportunities for relaxation, and for immersion in the story of this once-turbulent corner of Europe.