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Gdańsk & Pomerania/Poland

Introducing Gdańsk & Pomerania

The diverse region of Pomerania (Pomorze) could be summarised by the three Bs – beaches, beer gardens and bricks. Although Poland isn’t often regarded as a beach destination by outsiders, for the Poles this area is prime summer-holiday territory. The shores of the Baltic Sea are blessed with fine white sand, and during the warmer months you’ll find its numerous seaside towns heavily populated by Polish and German visitors enjoying the sunshine on the sands, or seated in the beer gardens that materialise the moment the weather heats up.

The German connection isn’t just recreational – Pomerania has switched hands between Germanic and Polish rulers many times over the centuries. The region’s character is also tinged with influences from Swedes, Danes and other past invaders; and its magnificently eventful history is symbolised by the stunning historic city of Gdańsk.

This is where the bricks come in – the red bricks that comprise central Pomerania’s wealth of Gothic architecture, an enduring legacy of its medieval conquerors. Castles, churches and ancient granaries loom large amid the region’s well-worn towns and cities, lending it a distinctive visual identity. Every name on the map has its own architectural keepsake, and its areas of natural beauty provide even more reasons to visit.

With its unique mix of sea, sand and unforgettable historic sights, Pomerania is both very Polish and possessed of a character all its own. From its bustling major cities to its beachside villages and attractive inland towns, the region is a fascinating destination.