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Getting there & around

For most tourists, the jump-off point for Oświęcim is Kraków. Buses (8zł, 1½ hours, up to 10 daily) can be a more convenient option than trains, as they drop you off in the parking lot opposite the entrance to Auschwitz. Minibuses, which are even more frequent, arrive at and depart from ul Więźniów Oświęcima, northeast of the museum. Take note that the last minibus goes back to Kraków at 7pm and the last bus 15 minutes later.

If you want to stay beyond that time you’ll need to take a train back to Kraków (11zł, 1½ hours, up to 12 a day). If Katowice is your starting point, there are five daily trains (15.50zł, one hour) and twice as many buses (6zł, 1½ hours), though only one stops near the museum. If you want to go to Pszczyna (10zł) from Oświęcim, take the train to Czechowice-Dziedzice (up to 12 daily) and change there. The whole journey should take about 1½ hours.

To get from the train station to the museum, take any of the southbound city buses (2.40zł), including the 24, 25, 28 and 29. Taxis will take you to either camp for 10zł to 15zł.

From mid-April to late October, there is a free bus linking Auschwitz with Birkenau. It departs hourly, from 10.30am to 5.30pm (11am to 6pm from Birkenau), from outside the entrance to the visitors centre. Alternatively, you can walk (2km) or take a taxi (10zł to 15zł).

There are no buses from Birkenau to the train station; walk the 2km or take a taxi. Alternatively, catch the free shuttle bus back to Auschwitz and change there for one of the frequent buses to the station.