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Getting there & away




The bus station, on ul Piotra Skargi some 500m north of the train station, handles a couple of buses a day to most destinations around the region, with plenty of long-distance and international services as well.

Polski Express buses depart from in front of Hotel Katowice. There are two buses a day to Kraków (23zł, 1½ hours) at 10.40am and 9.40pm, and one to Warsaw (69zł, 6½ hours) at 7.50am via Częstochowa and Łódź.


Trains are the main means of transport in the region and beyond. The train station is in the city centre and trains depart hourly for Oświęcim (15.50zł, one to 1½ hours), Pszczyna (7.50zł, 45 minutes), Kraków (20zł, 1½ hours), Opole (28zł, 1¾ hours), Wrocław (36zł, 2¾ hours), Poznań (42zł, five hours), Częstochowa (14zł to 17zł, 1½ hours) and Warsaw (46zł, 2¾ hours). International destinations include Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Hamburg, Prague and Vienna.

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Katowice International Airport (032 392 7200; www.gtl.com.pl) is in Pyrzowice, 35km north of the city. Domestic flights currently cover just Warsaw (three daily), with international services to 30 or so European cities, including Frankfurt (up to three daily), London (up to five daily), Munich (daily) and Paris (three weekly). LOT (032 206 2462; ul Piastowska 1; 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Sat) has an office near the Hotel Katowice.

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