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Introducing Cebu City

Cebu City is like an entrée-sized Manila; it’s energetic, exciting and fast-paced, or loud, dirty and ruthless, depending on your perspective. On the surface, it does its worst to attract tourists, with its honking jeepneys spluttering exhaust fumes, shopping-mall culture and lack of world-class sights. While it lacks any amazing attractions, you can have a good time here by focusing on its great clubbing, friendly Cebuanos and rich history before escaping to a more appropriate ‘holiday’ spot.

With its vast seaport, the city is the best-connected hub in the region and as such it is something of a vortex, sucking in travellers and spitting them out again at destinations throughout the Visayas. The average foreigner here is your long-term male visitor – a retiree with a much younger Filipina clinging to his arm.