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Introducing Mindoro

Bisected by a virtually impassable mountain range – aptly named the High Rolling Mountains – rugged Mindoro is part tropical paradise, part provincial backwater. Forming a dramatic backdrop almost everywhere, the mountains separate the island’s two provinces: Mindoro Oriental to the east and Mindoro Occidental to the west.

Most tourists head to the dive resorts around Puerto Galera on the north coast, but there is much more to Mindoro. If you prefer remote to resort, venture into Mindoro Occidental where Sablayan, jumping-off point for the pristine dive mecca Apo Reef, awaits its destiny as the next big thing in Philippine tourism. Better roads are making this once hard-to-reach province more accessible than ever.

Mindoro’s south coast has unforgettable island-hopping, while in the mountainous interior you can hike to remote villages populated by one of one of Asia’s most primitive tribes, the Mangyan.