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Introducing Camiguin

Relatively unspoiled and of an ideal size for exploration, Camiguin (cah-mee-geen) can be singled out for its imposing silhouette – drop it down next to Hawaii or Maui and it wouldn’t look out of place. With over 20 cinder cones 100m-plus high, Camiguin has more volcanoes per square kilometre than any other island on earth. Because it’s uncorrupted by large-scale tourism – the 10km waters of Gingoog Bay separating the island from the mainland are partly responsible – those who do come here tend to feel proprietorial about this little jewel and guard news of its treasures like a secret. Besides the usual diving, snorkelling, sandy beaches, waterfalls and hot and cold springs, Camiguin offers the chance for jungle trekking, volcano climbing, rappelling and anything else the masochistic endurance athlete can dream up.

Mambajao (mah-bow-ha), the capital of Camiguin, is about half an hour’s ride from the port at Benoni. There are shops, a market, government buildings and a few places to overnight, but most visitors stay closer to the northern beaches.