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Getting there & away




Negotiating Paraguayan borders can be schizophrenic; on the bus, off the bus, on the bus… Ask the driver to stop at immigration (locals don’t always need to) and be sure your papers are in order. Note that some bus companies claim to travel further into Brazil than border towns, but actually change buses after crossing the border.

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Boats cross into Asunción and Encarnación from Argentina, but immigration procedures are more complicated if entering by boat. With patience and stamina, unofficial river travel from Concepción to Isla Margarita on the Brazilian border is possible.

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Paraguay’s Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is in Luque, a satellite town of Asunción. Direct international flights from Asunción are limited to neighboring countries: Buenos Aires, Argentina; La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia; São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Iquique and Santiago, Chile. There is a second airport in Ciudad del Este connecting to Asunción and nearby airports in Brazil, but this airport is frequently bypassed due to lack of demand.

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