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Introducing Koror State

Koror, Malakal and Arakabesang islands, all connected by causeways, form the core of Koror State, Palau's economic centre and capital, and home to almost two-thirds of the population. In prewar days Koror's population was three times the size it is today and the town was jammed with military facilities, geisha houses, Shinto shrines, kimono tailors and public baths.

Today, it retains an energetic atmosphere. Many people come here from outlying villages for employment opportunities, joining a steady stream of workers from the Philippines and other countries. The result is a kind of 'interzone' (as per William Burroughs), in which histories are mingled and cultures are borrowed. Koror can be heady stuff (it has one of the Pacific's highest population densities), but not for everyone.

The actual island of Koror is not especially picturesque, but if you're at all interested in gauging the future of Pacific life, then you'll enjoy your stay.