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Introducing Caribbean Coast

An overland ramble to Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast would be the perfect terrain for an epic novel. Your settings would include wide, muddy rivers surrounded by thick jungle, a fascinating tropical port town and an expanse of mangrove-shrouded black water home to more than a dozen ethnic fishing enclaves. And we haven't even got to the pristine offshore islands ringed by white sand with a turquoise trim.

Your cast will feature tough and insightful characters from English-speaking Creole towns and indigenous Miskito, Mayangna, Rama and Garifuna communities. And there will be plenty of action too, with scuba diving, epic treks through dense rainforest, beachcombing, and fishing in the mangroves.

But even the most skilled author would struggle to capture the essence of the region, a vibrant mix of indigenous, African and European cultures that you'll only really get a feel for if you check it out for yourself.