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Introducing Wellington

A small city with a big reputation, Wellington is most famous for being NZ’s capital. It is infamous for its weather, particularly the gale-force winds wont to barrel through, wrecking umbrellas and obliterating hairdos. It also lies on a major fault line. And negotiating the inner-city one-way system is like the Krypton Factor on acid.

But don’t be deterred. ‘Welly’ is a wonderful city, voted 'the coolest little capital in the world' in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel (2011). For a starter it’s lovely to look at, draped around bushy hillsides encircling a magnificent harbour. There are super lookouts on hilltops, golden sand on the prom, and spectacular craggy shores along the south coast. Downtown, the city is compact and vibrant, buoyed by a surprising number of museums, theatres, galleries and boutiques. A cocktail- and caffeine-fuelled hospitality scene fizzes and pops among the throng.