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Local Transport


Apart from airport arrivals, taxis don’t cruise for business, so you’ll need to seek them out. While a few have functioning meters, you’ll usually need to negotiate a price. Town trips start at Mtc100.


  • The main form of local transport is the chapa, the name given to any public transport that runs within a town or between towns, and isn’t a bus or truck. On longer routes, your only option may be a camião (truck). Many have open backs, and the sun and dust can be brutal unless you get a seat up front in the cab.
  • Chapas can be hailed anywhere, and prices are fixed. Intra-city fares average Mtc5; long-haul fares are usually slightly higher than the bus fare for the same route. The most comfortable seat is in the front, next to the window, though you’ll have to make arrangements early and sometimes pay more.

  • Chapa drivers are notorious for their unsafe driving and there are many accidents. Where possible, bus is always a better option.

  • Like buses, long-haul chapas in Mozambique tend to depart early in the day and relatively promptly, although drivers will cruise for passengers before leaving town.