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Introducing Zipolite

The beautiful 1.5km stretch of pale sand called Zipolite, beginning about 2.5km west of Puerto Ángel, moves at a slow pace, withering in the midday heat. This coast's original budget beach bum magnet, it attracts an international class of sun lovers, shirtless yoga gurus and surfers to its wonderfully elemental surroundings of crashing surf, pounding sun, rocky headlands and tall palapa roofs. While there are still plenty of reassuringly rustic budget lodgings and an unmistakable hippie vibe, a number of more comfortable lodgings and classier restaurants at the west end of the village cater to a midrange clientele who also love the Zipolite ambience. There’s a certain magic here, and you may postpone departure more than once.

Zipolite has a certain overstated fame as a nudist beach. Total nudity is common only at the western end of the beach and in the small cove called Playa del Amor at the east end, and even there it may meet the raised eyebrows of locals.

The eastern end of Zipolite (nearest Puerto Ángel) is called Colonia Playa del Amor, the middle part is Centro, and the western end, where most of the traveler scene is, is Colonia Roca Blanca. The only street with a commonly used name is Av Roca Blanca (also called El Adoquín), a block back from the beach in Colonia Roca Blanca.