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Introducing Mazunte

A kilometer west of San Agustinillo, Mazunte has a fine, curving, sandy beach on a scenic bay, an interesting turtle center, and a good variety of basic and fancier places to stay and eat. The village is well known as a travelers’ hangout and has a number of foreign residents, attracted by the area’s beauty and laid-back atmosphere. There's something of hippie vibe. Mazunte's economic mainstays used to be turtle meat and eggs: after the turtle industry was banned in 1990, it turned to ecotourism.

The main road running through the middle of Mazunte is called Paseo del Mazunte. Four lanes run about 500m from the road to the beach: in east-to-west order they are Andador Golfina, Andador Carey, Andador La Barrita and Calle Rinconcito – this last leading down to the part of the beach called El Rinconcito, which is the best bit for swimming. The cape Punta Cometa closes off the west end of the bay. A rough track off Calle Rinconcito heads 750m west to Playa Mermejita, a beautiful long, wild beach with a handful of attractive accommodations, some scaling its jungly slopes – unfortunately, tricky currents and strong waves make swimming inadvisable.