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Introducing Tijuana

Tijuana has a bad reputation that it only partly deserves. High-profile murders have made headlines but they are products of the drug trade or retaliations against law officers; tourists are rarely targets, and if you’re not looking for trouble (ie drugs or the red-light district) you’ll probably have a lot of fun. Tijuana boats the ‘most crossed border in the world,’ and remains a remarkably friendly jungle; a vibrant cocktail of cultures that’s fun for people-watching even if you’re not planning on participating in the hedonism or excesses.

South of Calle 1a, La Revo (Avenida Revolución) is the heart of Tijuana’s tourist area. Be sure to stroll along it – ubiquitous touts can be answered with a firm, friendly ‘no.’ The Zona Río upscale commercial center runs alongside the river. Here you’ll see crowded discos, restaurants, bars, loud hawkers, brash taxi drivers and souvenir shops.