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Introducing Baja California

Baja is the earth’s second longest peninsula – more than 1200km of the mystical, ethereal, majestic and untamed. Some people sip something special while the sun plunges into the Pacific. Some feel the rush of adrenalin as they surf that perfect wave. Others hike in awestruck wonder through sherbet-colored canyons…then sleep beneath scattered-diamond stars. Still others head for the beaches, or the all-night parties that are like spring break year-round. More people each year arrive in Baja and never get around to going home, and even they realize there’s always more to see and do here.

Don’t be afraid to hit the road: Baja’s one place where it pays to rent a car. Roads are less trafficked and you generally won’t need a 4WD, so get out and discover things for yourself. The Transpeninsular (Hwy 1) runs from Tijuana all the way to the Cabos, with stunning vistas at every turn. You’ll find the middle of nowhere is more beautiful than you ever imagined. Side roads pass through tiny villages or wind drunkenly along the sides of mountains. A condor carves circles into unblemished blue sky. Even a quick day trip will leave you breathless, wanting more.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking: the unchecked development is turning deserts into golf courses, hillsides into hotels, majestic cardón cacti into condos…and there’s little reason to think this trend will stop. It remains to be seen whether visitors to Baja in a decade will enjoy it…or think of Joni Mitchell’s immortal lyric, ‘They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.’ Either way, come see Baja now, while it lasts.