Tamarin Beach

Tamarin Beach information

Locals like to wax nostalgic about Tamarin Beach, and in many ways this sandy cove still feels like a throwback to earlier times – especially since the centrally located Tamarin Hotel looks like it hasn't been renovated since Jaws was in cinemas.

Once upon a time the area was known as Santosha Bay (you'll still find the word 'Santosha' scribbled on a few buildings in faded paint) and offered wave hunters some of the best surfing on the planet. In fact, before the bay earned the name Santosha, locals refused to give the beach a moniker because they didn't want outsiders to discover their cache of surfable seas!

Today the waves and currents have changed and surfing at Le Morne has really taken off, but Tamarin – unmarred by high-walled resort compounds – remains a popular place and during the evening live jazz tunes waft through the air.

The walk between Tamarin Beach and southern Wolmar is very scenic and not accessible by car (women are advised not to do it alone).