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Introducing Pulau Tioman

Beautiful Tioman has a near-Polynesian feel to it, with its heavy-lidded hibiscus flowers, steep green peaks and turquoise, coral-rich waters. At 20km long and 11km wide, the island is so spacious that your ideal holiday spot is surely here somewhere. But of course this is no secret: the island attracts around 190,000 visitors annually looking for their dream beach. Fortunately holidaymakers are absorbed subtly and the island retains an unspoiled feel, with pristine wildernessand friendly, authentic village life.

A short stretch of road runs along the western side of the island from Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort to the northern end of Tekek, where it is interrupted by steps before continuing as a path to the end of Air Batang (known as ABC). A winding, newly paved road links Tekek with the dozy east coast idyll of Juara.

Tekek is Tioman’s largest village and its administrative centre. The airport is here, as well as the island’s only cash machine. Bear in mind that everything stocked in shops on Tioman is shipped over from the mainland and tends to be expensive (except beer and tobacco), so stock up on essentials before you arrive.