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Travel alert: An outbreak of Ebola virus has been confirmed in Liberia, and as a result most international airlines have suspended flights to the country. Due to the narrowing commercial options for flights and the impact on medical facilities, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office FCO advise against all but essential travel to Liberia, except for those involved in the direct response to the Ebola outbreak.

Introducing Liberia

It wasn't long ago that Liberians talked with obvious nostalgia of 'normal days'. Now, over a decade after the war has ended, 'normal days' are back in this gorgeous green land.

They can be seen in the Liberian designer who's launched a fashion store in Monrovia; the former refugee who runs a motorbike taxi business; the Liberian surfer who's touring West Africa and the salesman investing in eco-tourism.

You might be among his customers, leaning back in a string hammock on the edge of a forest singing with tropical birds. Or you might visit Monrovia, exploring the relics of Liberia's rich history and the American influence that still shapes it. Sapo National Park is one of the most stunning patches of rainforest left in West Africa, while the sands of pretty Robertsport are shingled with fishing canoes and huge granite gems.

Today's 'normal days' are the spark that will light your travels in Liberia.