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Getting around


Hitching is never totally safe and Lonely Planet doesn’t recommend it. That said, hitching is popular in certain areas of the country, especially around Sigulda and Cēsis, and will often save you a lengthy bus wait.

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Bus & tram


There are at least three buses hourly from Rīga to Sigulda (1Ls, one hour) and at least one hourly to Cēsis (2Ls, two hours) and Liepāja (4.30Ls, 3¼ hours).

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Car & motorcycle

Latvia’s road network is extensive and the roads are in pretty good shape, making driving an attractive option if you can afford it.

Of the rental agencies in the arrivals hall of the airport, Budget (6720 7327) seems to have the cheapest economy cars. You can generally save money by renting an older car from a local agency, such as Auto (2958 0448), which can also supply you with a driver.

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Suburban trains are the best way to get from Rīga to Jūrmala (0.51Ls, 40 minutes, at least two hourly). Trains are also a reasonable option to get from Rīga to Sigulda (0.71Ls, one hour, 12 daily), Cēsis (1.10Ls, 1½ hours, five daily) and Liepāja (3.40Ls, three hours, daily).

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Local transport

Most major cities have excellent public transport networks featuring a mix of trams, buses and trolleybuses.

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