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Getting there & away

There are flights between Nagasaki and Tokyo (Haneda airport, ¥34, 700), Osaka (¥23, 000) and Naha (¥25, 000, 1½ hours) in Okinawa, plus flights to other Kyūshū cities.

From the Kenei bus station opposite JR Nagasaki station, buses depart for Unzen (¥1900, 1¾ hours), Sasebo (¥1450, 1½ hours), Fukuoka (¥2900, 2¾ hours), Kumamoto (¥3790, three hours) and Beppu (¥4500, 3½ hours). Night buses for Osaka (¥11, 000, 10 hours) leave from both the Kenei bus station and the highway bus station next to the Irie-machi tram stop.

JR lines from Nagasaki head for Sasebo (kaisoku, ¥1600, 1¾ hours) or Fukuoka (tokkyū, ¥4410, two hours).

There are ferries from a few places around Nagasaki, including Ōhato terminal, south of JR Nagasaki station.

To travel between here and the Amakusa Archipelago, take bus 10 to Mogi port from the South Exit at Nagasaki station (¥160, 30 minutes), then the ferry to Tomioka on Amakusa island (one way ¥1600, 70 minutes).