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Getting there & away




There is a long-distance highway bus service between Osaka and cities all across Honshū, Shikoku and some cities in Kyūshū. Destinations include Tokyo (from ¥4300, eight hours), Nagasaki (¥11, 000, 10 hours) and Kagoshima (¥12, 000, 11 hours 54 minutes). Most buses depart from JR Osaka station; check with the tourist information offices for more details.


The fastest way between Kōbe and Osaka is a JR shinkaisoku that runs between JR Osaka station and Kōbe’s Sannomiya and Kōbe stations (¥390, 31 minutes).

There is also the private Hankyū line, which takes a little more time but is cheaper. It runs from Osaka’s Hankyū Umeda station to Kōbe’s Sannomiya station (tokkyū, ¥310, 27 minutes).


The fastest way to travel by train between Kyoto and Osaka, other than shinkansen, is a JR shinkaisoku that runs between JR Kyoto station and JR Osaka station.

Another choice is the cheaper private Hankyū line that runs between Hankyū Umeda station in Osaka and Hankyū Kawaramachi, Karasuma and Ōmiya stations in Kyoto (tokkyū to Kawaramachi ¥390, 44 minutes).

Alternatively, you can take the Keihan main line between Sanjō, Shijō or Shichijō stations in Kyoto and Keihan Yodoyabashi station in Osaka (tokkyū to Sanjō ¥400, 51 minutes). Yodoyabashi is on the Midō-suji subway line.


The JR Kansai line links Osaka (Namba and Tennō-ji stations) and Nara (JR Nara station) via Hōryū-ji (kaisoku, ¥540, 42 minutes).

The private Kintetsu Nara line also connects Osaka (Kintetsu Namba station) with Nara (Kintetsu Nara station). Kyūkō (express) and futsū services take about 39 minutes and cost ¥540. Tokkyū trains do the journey in five minutes less time but at almost double the cost, making them a poor option.


Osaka is on the Tōkaidō–San-yō shinkansen line that runs between Tokyo and Hakata (Kyūshū) : Hikari shinkansen to/from Tokyo (¥13, 750, three hours) and Hikari shinkansen to/from Hakata (¥14, 590, 2¾ hours). Other cities on this line include Hiroshima, Kyoto, Kōbe and Okayama.

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The Japan China International Ferry Company (in Japan 06-6536-6541, in China 021-6325-7642; www.fune.co.jp/chinjif in Japanese) connects Shanghai and Osaka/Kōbe (one way 2nd class ¥20, 000/CNY1300, around 48 hours). A 2nd-class ticket costs around US$200.

A similar service is provided by the Shanghai Ferry Company (in Japan 06-6243-6345, in China 021-6537-5111; www.shanghai-ferry.co.jp in Japanese). The ferries (one way ¥20, 000/CNY1300) leave from the Osaka Nankō international ferry terminal, which can be reached by taking the New Tram service from Suminoe-kōen station to Nankoguchi station.

Ferries also depart from Nankō ferry terminal and Kanome-futō and Benten-futō piers for various destinations around Honshū, Kyūshū and Shikoku. Destinations and 2nd-class fares include Beppu (from ¥8800, 11½ hours), Miyazaki (from ¥10, 400, 12¾ hours), Shibushi (from ¥9900, 14¾ hours) and Shinmoji (from ¥7200, 12 hours) in Kyūshū; Shōdo-shima (from ¥3800, 4½ hours), Matsuyama (¥6300, 9¼ hours) and Niihama (¥5000, 9¼ hours) in Shikoku.

For detailed information about sailing schedules and bookings contact the tourist information offices.

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Osaka is served by two airports: the old Osaka Itami airport, which now handles only domestic traffic, and the newer Kansai International Airport (KIX), which handles all international and some domestic flights.

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