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Introducing Treasure Beach

A person who is tired of Treasure Beach is probably lacking in a few essential life forces – like a pulse. Welcome to a unique and wonderfully old-fashioned part of Jamaica that gets all the facets of the quintessential Caribbean experience exactly right without even trying. Winding country lanes, close to zero crime, a dearth of hustlers, sublime deserted beaches, no gimmicky resorts (as yet), and – above all – a proud, foresighted local community that promotes sustainability and harbors a bonhomous but mellow culture. Too good to be true? Not at all. Wander into the new local sports park when a cricket match is in full swing, or walk along deserted Frenchman’s Beach where the fisherfolk are more likely to ask you to help them pull in the boats than sell you a trinket.

Treasure Beach is the generic name for four coves – Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great (Pedro) Bay. It’s said Scottish sailors were shipwrecked near Treasure Beach in the 19th century, accounting for the presence of fair skin, green eyes and reddish hair among the local population. The area’s residents are known for their strong community spirit. Collectives like the Treasure Beach Women’s Group and the Treasure Beach Foundation bring locals and expats together to work on projects relating to housing, education and local culture. There’s a burgeoning cultural scene, with artists, poets and other luminaries continuing to put down roots.