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Flights to Italy

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Baltimore Washington International
from $261.00
Rome Fiumicino

Getting around by air

Airports & Airlines

Italy's main intercontinental gateways are Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport (www.adr.it/fiumicino) and Milan's Malpensa airport (www.milanomalpensa-airport.com). Both are served by non-stop flights from around the world. Venice's Marco Polo airport (www.veniceairport.it) is also served by a handful of intercontinental flights.

Dozens of international airlines compete with the country's revamped national carrier, Alitalia, rated a 3-star airline by UK aviation research company Skytrax. If you're flying from Africa or Oceania, you'll generally need to change planes at least once en route to Italy.

Intra-European flights serve plenty of other Italian cities; the leading mainstream carriers include Alitalia, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM.

Cut-rate airlines, led by Ryanair and easyJet, fly from a growing number of European cities to more than two dozen Italian destinations, typically landing in smaller airports such as Rome's Ciampino (www.adr.it/ciampino).

Direct Intercontinental Flights

AirportDirect Intercontinental Connections (Year-Round)
Rome (Leonardo da Vinci)Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Montreal, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Caracas, Algiers, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Casablanca, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tripoli, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore
Milan (Malpensa)New York, São Paulo, Algiers, Cairo, Jeddah, Muscat, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore
Venice (Marco Polo)New York, Casablanca, Tunis, Doha, Dubai


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