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Getting there & away




The centralbus station (636 5120; HaTemarim St) offers service to Tel Aviv (65NIS, five hours), with buses departing every hour from 5am to 10pm, with an additional overnight service at 1am. The last Friday bus is at 3pm and the first Saturday bus at 11.30am; this bus also stops in Be’er Sheva (55NIS, three hours). To Mitzpe Ramon (45NIS, 2½hours), buses run more or less hourly on weekdays and at least twice on Saturday. To Jerusalem (65NIS, 4½ hours), there are four to five buses per day plus one leaving at midnight. On Saturday the first bus departs at 4.30pm. There’s also a service from Eilat to Masada (55NIS, four hours, four daily).

All buses pass by the Timna National Park, Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve and the Yotvata visitors centre. There are no direct buses from Eilat to Cairo. Bus No 15 goes from the bus station to the Taba border (stopping at Coral Beach).

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