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Introducing Papua

Even a country as full of adventure as Indonesia must have its final frontier. Here it is – Papua, half of the world’s second-biggest island, New Guinea. Here, a traditional tribal world still holds its head high amid outside encroachments. This is a place where some people still hunt their food with bows and arrows while others buy it in supermarkets. In this youngest part of Indonesia roads are scarce and to travel any distance you must take to the air or the water. Papua seems like a different country – which is what most Papuans, who are Melanesian and ethnically distinct from other Indonesians, would like it to be.

Travel here is undoubtedly a challenge, and not one that comes cheap. But those who take it on rarely fail to be awed by the charm of Papua's peoples, the resilience of their cultures and the grandeur of both their landscapes and their teeming seascapes.