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Introducing Kalimantan

If jungle rivers get your blood running, then be prepared for rapids. Occupying three-quarters of Borneo, the world's third-largest island Kalimantan harbours a vast and legendary jungle cut by countless rivers, including two around 1000km in length. Within this primordial puzzle something extraordinary always lies around the next bend. You'll encounter exotic wildlife, such as the unforgettable orangutan, mysterious Dayak villages with only one foot in the modern world, and pure boating thrills. Adventure travellers of all levels can participate, from novices enjoying the romantic klotok (canoes) of Tanjung Puting to hardened trekkers shooting rapids on the landmark Cross-Borneo Trek. Divers will revel in the Derawan Archipelago, a world-class underwater destination. Cities here are mostly transit points, and foreigners exceedingly rare, but locals everywhere will greet you with a cheerful 'Hey Mistah!', making travel a tropical breeze.