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Introducing Java

The heart of the nation, Java is an island of megacities, mesmerising natural beauty, and profound traditions in art, dance, spiritualism and learning.

Boasting a dazzling array of bewitching landscapes – iridescent rice paddies, smoking volcanoes, rainforest and savannah – most journeys here are defined by scenic excesses.

Java's fecund interior is one of the most fertile and heavily populated places on planet earth. Generally the cities are pretty uninspiring, though they do boast the best restaurants and art and music scenes.

Transport can be challenging at times. By road it can be slow going, particularly in the west of the island. However, the rail network is generally reliable and efficient, and flights are inexpensive.

Java is the most complex and culturally compelling island in Indonesia. Invest some time here and you've made a giant leap to understanding this utterly fascinating nation.