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Introducing Chittorgarh (Chittor)

Chittorgarh, the garh (fort) at Chittor, is the greatest in Rajasthan, and is well worth reshuffling an itinerary to explore. It rises from the plains like a huge rock island, nearly 6km long and surrounded on all sides by 150m-plus cliffs. Wandering around the plateau on top is like being on an island in the sky, or a gigantic boat, dotted with a collection of sublimely beautiful stone buildings. Chittorgarh’s history epitomises Rajput romanticism, chivalry and tragedy, and it holds a special place in the hearts of many Rajputs. Three times Chittorgarh was under attack from a more powerful enemy; each time, its people chose death before dishonour, performing jauhar. The men donned saffron martyrs’ robes and rode out from the fort to certain death, while the women and children immolated themselves on huge funeral pyres.