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Introducing Maharashtra

India’s third-largest and second-most populous state, Maharashtra is an expansive canvas showcasing many of India's iconic attractions. There are lazy, palm-fringed beaches; lofty, cool-green mountains; World Heritage historical sights; and bustling cosmopolitan cities.

A short excursion north of Mumbai brings you to Nasik, a curious blend of spirituality, meditation and India's premier wine region. Further inland are the extraordinary cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta, carved from 'living rock' that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of empires past. If you are looking for a cool change, head to Matheron, Maharashtra's only hill station, where a toy train chugs through verdant forests. Pilgrims and inquisitive souls should head south to cosmopolitan Pune, a city famous for its 'sex guru' and alternative spiritualism. Steer westward and you will be rewarded with a string of golden sands and crumbling forts along the romantic Konkan Coast of the Arabian Sea.