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Local Transport


An autorickshaw (also called an auto, three-wheeler or, outside of India, a tuk-tuk) is the quintessential Indian short-hop form of transport, a yellow-and-black three-wheeled contraption powered by a noisy two-stroke motorcycle engine. It's about a third cheaper than a taxi and generally a better option for short trips – count on a minimum ₹50 for a short journey and ₹100 for a slightly longer one.

Flag down an autorickshaw and negotiate the fare before you jump in; if the driver’s charging too much, try another.

Motorcycle Taxi

Motorcycle taxis, known as ‘pilots’, are also a licensed form of taxi in Goa, identified by a yellow front mudguard. They're only really common around major taxi stands and beach resorts, and cost half the price of a taxi.


Taxis are widely available for town-hopping, but the local union cartel means prices are high, especially at night and more so around expensive hotels. A full day’s sightseeing, depending on the distance, is likely to be around ₹1500 to ₹2000. Agree on a price beforehand.

A new initiative by Goa Tourism is the Women's Taxi Service, with female drivers, phone-only bookings and only women, couples or families accepted as passengers. The vehicles are fitted with accurate meters and GPS monitoring, and the drivers are trained in first aid and self-defence. Fares can even be paid with a credit card.