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Introducing Bihar & Jharkhand

The landlocked states of Bihar and Jharkhand promise an eclectic mix of attractions cherry-picked from India's vast artistic and natural heritage. Spirituality is a huge draw here: Bihar is the birthplace of Buddhism and plays host to countless pilgrims who flock to its many places of religious significance. Parasnath Hill, Jharkhand’s highest point, is the most significant Jain pilgrimage site in north-central India. The city of Patna commands academic respect as one of ancient India's greatest power centres, in addition to housing some curious monuments from the Raj era. On the other hand, wallowing far off the beaten track, the remote hills and forests of Jharkhand are a nature lover's paradise, where one can spy on myriad animal and bird species including the elephants and tigers. All in all, this is a very different kind of experience compared to holidays in more touristy states, so come with an open mind and a sense of adventure.