Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon , Iceland
+354 420 8800
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Jun-Aug admission adult/14 & 15 year old/under-14 from €40/20/free, visitor pass (no lagoon entry) €10
Opening hours
9am-9pm Jun & 11-31 Aug, to 11pm Jul-10 Aug, 10am-8pm Sep-May
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As the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, so the Blue Lagoon is to Iceland…with all the positive and negative connotations implied. Those who say it’s too expensive, too commercial, too crowded aren't wrong, but you’ll be missing something special if you don’t go.

In a magnificent black-lava field, the milky-teal spa is fed water from the futuristic Svartsengi geothermal plant; with its silver towers, the roiling clouds of steam, and people daubed in white silica mud, it's an otherworldy place.

The superheated water (70% sea water, 30% fresh water, at a perfect 38°C) is rich in blue-green algae, mineral salts and fine silica mud, which condition and exfoliate the skin – sounds like advertising speak, but you really do come out as soft as a baby’s bum. The water is hottest near the vents where it emerges, and the surface is several degrees warmer than the bottom.

The lagoon has been developed for visitors with an enormous, modern complex of changing rooms (with 700 lockers!), restaurants, rooftop viewpoint, and gift shop (less shocking than it sounds), and landscaped with hot-pots, steam rooms, sauna, bar and a piping-hot waterfall that delivers a powerful hydraulic massage – like being pummelled by a troll. A VIP section has its own interior wading space, lounge and viewing platform.

For extra relaxation, you can lie on a floating mattress and have a masseuse knead your knots (30/60 minutes €60/95). You must book spa treatments well in advance. Towel or bathing-suit hire is €5.

The complex is just off the road between Keflavík and Grindavík.