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San Pedro Sula/Honduras

Introducing San Pedro Sula

'Bestowed' the title of the world's most dangerous city in 2012, San Pedro Sula's rep precedes it. Let's be clear – few travelers will want to linger long here: there are no sights, there's little cultural life, and the sultry climate can be oppressive.

The situation on the ground here is that most of the crime is gang-on-gang, so it's very rare for tourists to be targeted. Is San Pedro really more dangerous than Damascus or Mogadishu? Well, some zones obviously are violent, but you probably won't see them: the city remains doable for travelers for a day or two.

San Pedro is the business and industrial capital of Honduras. The nation's engine room, the city generates almost two-thirds of the country’s GDP, with thousands employed in giant maquila (clothes-weaving) factories. Its restaurants and nightlife arguably outstrip those in the capital.

And as San Pedro's international airport is Honduras' main entry point and its bus station a crucial hub for travellers, you're very likely to pass through.