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Travel alert: An outbreak of Ebola virus has been confirmed in Guinea, and as a result most international airlines have suspended flights to the country. Due to the narrowing commercial options for flights and the impact on medical facilities, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office FCO advise against all but essential travel to Guinea, except for those involved in the direct response to the Ebola outbreak.

Introducing Guinea

Imagine you're travelling on smooth highway, and then get tempted by a tiny, dusty turn-off into rugged terrain, where surprising beauty and treacherous vistas define the route. Guinea is that turn-off. This is a country blessed with amazing landscapes; from the mountain plateau Fouta Djalon to wide Sahelian lands and thick forests.

Overland drivers are drawn here by rugged tracks, and the challenge of steering their vehicles over rocks and washed-out paths. Nature lovers can lose themselves on long hikes past plunging waterfalls, proud hills and tiny villages; or track elephants through virgin rainforest. While Guinea is not famed for its beaches, those it does have are stunning, and often deserted.