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Introducing Milos

Volcanic Milos arches around a central caldera and is ringed with dramatic coastal landscapes of colourful and surreal rock formations. The island’s most celebrated export, the iconic Venus de Milo, is far away in the Louvre but hot springs, the most beaches of any Cycladic island and a series of quaint villages populated by friendly people add to its current, compelling, attractions.

Capital Plaka and stunning Klima are just two of the little villages worth visiting and Filakopi, an ancient Minoan city in the island’s northeast, was one of the earliest settlements in the Cyclades.

The island has a fascinating history of mineral extraction dating from the Neolithic period when obsidian was exported to the Minoan world of Crete. Today Milos is the biggest bentonite and perlite centre in the EU.

Visit www.mymilos.gr and www.milos.gr for more island information.