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Introducing Amorgos

Dramatic Amorgos lies on the distant, southeastern arc of the Cyclades, pointing the way towards the Dodecanese. As you approach by sea, its long ridge of mountains appears to stretch ever skyward, the high summits often scarfed with plump purple clouds.

Amorgos is just 30km from tip to toe but reaches over 800m at its highest point. The southeast coast is unrelentingly steep and boasts an extraordinary monastery built into the base of a soaring cliff. The opposite coast is just as spectacular, but softens a little at the narrow inlets where the main port and town of Katapola and the second port of Aegiali lie. The enchanting Hora (also known as Amorgos) lies amid a rocky landscape high above Katapola.

Amorgos is much more about archaeology and activities than beaching – there’s great walking, scuba diving and a burgeoning rock-climbing scene.