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Introducing Wiesbaden

The spa-town capital of Hesse, 40km west of Frankfurt and across the Rhine from Mainz, is a handsome city with a lively commercial centre, several historic attractions, green parks to calm the weariest of urban eyes, and a century-old thermal bath.

Dostoyevsky messed himself up badly here in the 1860s when he amassed huge debts at the city’s gambling tables, events that inspired his masterpiece, The Gambler.

Wiesbaden is at the eastern edge of the Rheingau wine-growing region, which stretches along the right (northern) bank of the Rhine west to the Rüdesheim area of the Romantic Rhine. The tourist office can provide details on wine-tasting opportunities.

The US military presence in Wiesbaden (www.wiesbaden.army.mil) is set to expand in 2013 when the European headquarters of the US Army moves here from Heidelberg.