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Getting there & away




Long-distance buses leave from the south side of the Hauptbahnhof, where there’s a Eurolines office (230 331; Mannheimerstrasse 15) catering for most European destinations; an interesting domestic option is the Europabus that plies the Romantic Road. German Eurolines services are operated by Deutsche Touring (790 350).

Car & motorcycle

Frankfurt features the Frankfurter Kreuz, Germany’s biggest autobahn intersection – modelled, it would seem, after the kind you might find in Los Angeles. All major (and some minor) car-rental companies have offices in the Hauptbahnhof and at the airport.

Känguruh (596 2035; Intzestrasse 20a) rents out older-model cars from around €20 per day, including insurance and a 200km kilometre allowance; call in advance. ADAC (01805-101 112; Schillerstrasse 12) has useful information for drivers.

The Mitfahrzentrale (194 40; Baselerplatz; 9am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun) arranges lifts; typical all-up fares are Berlin €30, Cologne and Kassel €14, and Munich €23.


The Hauptbahnhof, west of the centre, handles more departures and arrivals than any other station in Germany. The information office for connections and tickets is at the head of platform 9; for train information call 01805-996 633.

Deutsche Bahn’s regional saver comes in the form of the Hessenticket (€25), which gives a full day of regional train travel for up to five people.

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Flughafen Frankfurt-am-Main (01805-372 4636; www.frankfurt-airport.de) is Germany’s largest airport, and has the highest freight and passenger turnover in continental Europe (London’s Heathrow just beats it on passenger numbers).

This high-tech sprawl has two terminals, linked by an elevated railway called the Sky Line. Departure and arrival halls A, B and C are in the old Terminal 1, which handles Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights. Halls D and E are in the newer Terminal 2.

Regional train and S-Bahn connections are deep below Terminal 1 in Hall B. IC/EC and ICE trains depart from the Fernbahnhof, connected to the main terminal building by a walkway. ICE trains run between Hamburg (€94, four hours) and Stuttgart (€49, 1¼ hours) via Hanover (€72, 2½ hours) and the airport every two hours, to Cologne (€53, one hour) and Dortmund (€72, 2¼ hours), and south to Basel (€65, three hours). Trains service Berlin (€98, four hours) from Hauptbahnhof. Platforms 1 to 3 are in the regional station and platforms 4 to 7 are in the long-distance train station, where there’s also a DB ticket office and service point. Train services from the regional station run between 5am and 12.30am.

The terminals have a wide range of (horribly expensive) cafés and bars, as well as Dr Müller’s –Germany’s only airport sex shop/adult movie theatre.

If you’re in transit, you can enjoy a hot shower (or a cold one, after Dr Müller) for €4.09 in Hall B; ask at the information counter.

From the UK, Ryanair offers cheap flights to Frankfurt-Hahn airport but, despite the name, this is not even in Hesse but in Rhineland-Palatinate, not far from Koblenz! It’s a 110km, 1¾-hour bus journey to Frankfurt city from the terminal (€12).

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