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Introducing Tampere

Scenic Tampere, set between two vast lakes, has a down-to-earth vitality that makes it a Finland favourite for many visitors. Through its centre, churn the Tammerkoski rapids, whose grassy banks contrast with the red brick of the imposing fabric mills that once gave the city the moniker ‘Manchester of Finland’.

A popular weekend destination for Britons thanks to its budget flight connections, Tampere doesn’t disappoint: its students ensure plenty of evening action, and its regenerated industrial buildings house quirky museums, enticing shops, pubs, cinemas and cafes. It’s the launch pad for Finland’s most romantic lake cruise, and a spot where there always seems to be something going on: its leap into the 21st century has given it an infectious energy.

Tampere is set between Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, which are connected by the Tammerkoski. Just about everything is conveniently arranged along one street, Hämeenkatu, with the train station at its eastern end.