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Introducing Mamanuca Group

Grab your favourite boardies or bikini, because here they are – the much-trumpeted, widely promoted, photographed and romanticised Mamanuca islands! Wildly popular with visitors, they’re valued more for their natural beauty than any contribution they make to the national culture.

Pacific currents sweep nutrients through the passages around the islands and with them come underwater wonders. Above water, with more dive operators, world-class surf, five-star retreats and family-oriented resorts than any other group, the Mamanucas are anything but a well-kept secret.

Each morning a small army of day trippers, fortified with beach towels and factor-15 sunscreen, fan out from the mainland to conquer the white-sand beaches. They meet with no resistance. Most of the habitable islands (and many others that rely on desalination plants or freshwater deliveries) support resorts; this small string of islands forms the backbone of the Fijian tourist industry.

Perhaps because they box so far above their weight when it comes to hauling in the cash, life here bears little resemblance to the harsh realities experienced by most Fijians. Only two resort islands, Mana and Malolo, support Fijian villages but even here tourists outnumber locals. Not that they mind – almost all resorts lease their land from local communities and so, while heavy rain clouds hang over the mainland (both physically and metaphorically), the sun always shines on the magical Mamanucas.