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Simien Mountains National Park
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Introducing Simien Mountains National Park

No matter how you look at them, the Simien Mountains are awesome. This massive plateau, riven with gullies and pinnacles, offers tough but immensely rewarding trekking along the ridge that falls sheer to the plains far below. It’s not just the scenery (and altitude) that will leave you speechless, but also the excitement of sitting among a group of gelada monkeys or watching magnificent walia ibex joust on rock ledges. Whether you come for a stroll or a two-week trek, the Simiens make a great companion to the Historical Circuit’s monument viewing.

Thanks to the combination of scenery and wildlife, the park is a World Heritage Site. However, it’s long been on the World Heritage in Danger list due to the large number of people living in the park and the local authorities’ lack of serious action on the problem. Despite this, as one of Africa’s most beautiful ranges, the Simiens aren’t to be missed.